Neutral Accent Source Connect or ISDN available
Own state of the art digital recording studio

Either in Spanish or English, Rodolfo delivers a warm, friendly, and sincere read with a comprehensive range of energy, styles, variety of characters and accents. Rodolfo has the experience and ability to deliver great takes that will produce pleasing results in a minimum amount of time.
A voice that fits very well in a wide range of market-age groups.

SAG-AFTRA member since 2004.
From his own professional recording facility, he offers a complete service to record and edit digitally on a ProTools system. Also, recording can be done via ISDN, or using a direct ProTools to ProTools connection, or by having a client to monitor via phone patch.

Delivering a solid and pleasant read with good diction at an affordable and reasonable price is an important part of a good VO service, yet I like to top it off by also offering:
- Top quality recordings.  I work from my own studio that has been built from the ground. It’s equipped with professional tools and acoustically treated.
- Top quality editing. I’ve been editing and mixing in ProTools for years, and I put this expertise towards delivering very clean and polished VO tracks, editing out any distracting breaths, clicks or pops, and making sure that pauses and rhythm are consistent thru all edits made to compile the very best sounding reads on your final VO track.
- Tech savvy. In this digital audio/video era, it is important to work with a person that offers a thorough understanding of the process and technical details associated with handling audio and video formats, synchronization, file conversions, organization and archiving of large projects, etc.
- Delivery in a timely manner. Whether it’s a short read, or a multi-module-several-hour-long-script, I plan ahead by reviewing your material and then propose a fair turnaround time, or work with your needs if a quick turnaround was required.